The fast initial decay of the device luminance can be removed by

The fast initial decay of the device luminance can be removed by incorporating a triplet quenching additive into the active layer to remove any effect of triplet-triplet annihilation; this yields an increase in the device lifetime of greater than 3x and an even more significant improvement in the initial luminance decay. (C) 2011 American Institute of Physics. [doi: 10.1063/1.3561430]“
“Critical appraisal of published case-control studies examining the etiology or risk factors of Hyperemesis gravidarum (HG).

We searched the Medline/PubMed database from 1966 to February 12, 2009. A total of 48 case-control

studies were retrieved and each article was evaluated using a structured assessment devised for the purpose.

The case-control studies were published between 1978

and 2008. The majority investigated hormonal, gastrointestinal, Kinase Inhibitor Library ic50 and metabolic risk factors associated with hyperemesis gravidarum (37 studies). Selection bias and non-response received insufficient attention in many articles. Sample size varied widely with a median number of 40 cases and 42 controls. Association uncommonly Selleck PP2 was expressed by odds ratios and confidence intervals (9 studies), confounding rarely controlled for (10 studies) and few examined effect modification (2 studies).

We are concerned as far the inadequacies in the design, analysis, and reporting of case-control studies examining the etiology of HG. It is mandatory to follow adequate clinical research methodology in executing and reporting such studies.”
“Field-emission characteristics of a carbon nanotube (CNT)/elastomer composite have been investigated. We performed theoretical calculations of the field distribution in a field emission device structure with the side-electron configuration of the composite sheet. According to the calculation results, the electric field is found to be concentrated at the edge of the composite sheet which leads to an GSK3326595 price enhancement of the local electric field at the CNT tips protruding from the composite. Furthermore,

we calculated the trajectories of emitted electrons. From the obtained results, bright luminescence over 37000 cd/m(2) from green phosphor was obtained by optimizing the electrode structure. (C) 2011 American Institute of Physics. [doi:10.1063/1.3567913]“
“Cervical dilatation is a poorly understood process. Various drugs have been used to facilitate this process and reduce the duration of labour and thereby reduce feto-maternal complications. The present study is an attempt to compare and evaluate the efficacy of Drotaverine hydrochloride and Valethamate bromide in the process of cervical dilatation and labour augmentation.

A prospective randomised trial of 146 low-risk women in spontaneous labour was conducted.

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