All authors have none to declare The authors are thankful to Bio

All authors have none to declare. The authors are thankful to Bioplus, Banglore for providing buy MG-132 Moxifloxacin gift sample, and Management of Nirmala College of Pharmacy, Mangalgiri for their constant support and encouragement. “
“Heterocyclic compounds containing nitrogen and sulphur have considerably a lot of attention due to wide

application of pharmacological activity. Pyrimidine and their derivatives play the vital role in the field of drugs and agricultural chemicals. Pyrimidine could be a basic nucleus in DNA & RNA; it is associated with various biological activities.1 The synthesis of substituted Pyrimidine and lot of review has reported.2 and 3 Pyrimidine” and their derivatives are popular in inorganic synthetic

chemistry. selleck products Pyrimidine does not exist in nature however with in the form of its different derivatives, and are widely distributed. Pyrimidine derivatives are of interest due to their pharmacological properties such as antitumor,4, 5, 6 and 7 antiviral,8 antifungal, anticancer,9 antibcteria,10 antiinflammator,11, 12, 13 and 14 analgesic,15 antagonist,16 and 17 antifolate,18 antimicrobial,19 anti-HIV,20 atiproliferative,21 antiplatelet,22 antithrombotic,22 antifilarial23 activities, etc. Moreover benzothiazole24, 25 and 26 is alternative vital pharmacodynamic heterocyclic nuclei that once incorporated in several heterocyclic templates have currently been possess wide spectrum of activities. The literature study reveals that both Pyrimidine and benzothiazole see more are a significant pharmacophore and exhibits outstanding biological activities. Encourage by these observation, we synthesized a new series of Pyrimidine derivatives by incorporating the benzothiazole moiety with the hope of obtaining better antimicrobial activity agent. All the synthesized compounds have been screened for their antimicrobial activities. Laboratory chemicals were provided by Rankem India Ltd. and Ficher Scientific Ltd. Melting points were determined by the open tube capillary method and are not correct. The purity of the compounds was determined by thin layer chromatography

(TLC) plates (silica gel G) in the solvent system toluene:ethyl acetate (7.5:2.5). The spots were observed by exposure to iodine Vapours or by UV light. The IR spectra were received by Perkin–Elmer 1720 FT-IR spectrometer (KBr pellets). The H NMR &13 C NMR spectra were obtained by Bruker Advance II 400 spectrometer using TMS because the internal standard in CDCl3. Elemental analysis of the new synthesized compounds were obtained by Carlo Erba 1108 analyzer. The synthesis of the compounds as per the following Scheme 1 given below. The solution of 3-phenoxy benzaldehyde (0.01 mol.) and 4-methoxyacetophenone (0.01 mol.) in ethyl alcohol (25 ml) Cooled at 5–10 °C and was mixed with aqueous sodium _hydroxide (70%, 5 ml) drop wise with continuous stirring. The reaction mixture was again stirred for 2 h.

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