Additionally, efforts are made to ensure that the voting membersh

Additionally, efforts are made to ensure that the voting membership is balanced

according to geography, race and ethnicity, sex, disability and expertise. Members are appointed to overlapping terms of 4 years (i.e., each member serves a 4-year term, such that in any given year approximately 1/3 of the Modulators committee turns over Alisertib datasheet and new members are appointed for 4-year terms). The chair is appointed for a 3-year term from among members who have had at least 1 year’s experience as a voting member. Eight non-voting ex officio members represent other federal agencies. They can participate in discussions and, in the event that fewer than eight voting committee members are present and eligible to vote, may be designated temporarily as voting members. There are also 26 non-voting liaison members representing organizations with broad responsibility for administration of vaccines to various segments of the population, operation of immunization programs and vaccine development. Although they do not vote on policy recommendations, these representatives bring the perspective of vaccine program implementation, and thus provide important insights into the daily administration of immunization programs. They are required to bring the perspective of their organizations to the ACIP and to disseminate ACIP’s recommendations back to their membership. No payment is given to non-voting members, although travel

expenses are covered. Voting members, who are deemed to be Special Government Employees during their tenure on the committee, receive an honorarium of a maximum of US$250 per meeting MDV3100 day (usually 6 days per year), plus reimbursement of travel expenses. Candidates for membership undergo careful screening for potential conflicts of interest before their names are submitted for final consideration. Stringent measures are taken not only to assure technical compliance with ethics statutes and regulations regarding financial conflicts but also to address more general concerns regarding any potential appearance of

conflict of interest. Screening is rigorous, and balances the possibility of bias caused by a conflict with the need for vaccine and immunization expertise. People with specific vaccine-related interests at the time of application are not considered for appointment Bumetanide by the committee. Examples of such interests include direct employment of the candidate or an immediate family member by a vaccine manufacturer or someone holding a patent on a vaccine or related product. In addition, before their names are submitted for final consideration, potential members are asked to resign for their term of membership from any activities that are, or could be construed as, conflicts of interest. These activities include provision of advisory or consulting services to a vaccine manufacturer or acceptance of honoraria or travel reimbursement from a vaccine manufacturer.

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