TRTWM utilizes elements of frequency and time domain laser based

TRTWM utilizes elements of frequency and time domain laser based thermoreflectance techniques and is well suited to measure both lateral and cross plane thermal transport. A primary advantage of this method is that the pump and probe spot sizes do not have to be known accurately. Implementation of TRTWM to measure thermal transport in oxide substrates coated with thin metal films is demonstrated. (C) 2011

American Institute of Physics. [doi:10.1063/1.3653829]“
“Aralia elata was used as therapeutic medicine in oriental courtiers a few hundred years ago. As one important constituent extracted from Aralia elata, Araloside A has been shown to treat gastric ulcers, hepatitis, and arrhythmias. It is not yet known, however, whether Araloside A may induce cell apoptosis LY2835219 in renal cell carcinoma. We therefore examined the antitumor effects of Araloside AL3818 manufacturer A on human kidney cancer cell

lines GRC-1 and 786-O. We found that Araloside A 1, 3, 10, 30 and 100 mu M caused a considerable reduction of cellular viability of GRC-1 1 and 786-O cells in a dose-and time-dependent manner. The number of Tunnel-positive cancer cells was also higher in cells treated with Araloside A than untreated cells. The real-time polymerase chain reaction (PCR) techniques showed that Araloside A was able to increase the expression of bax mRNA and inhibited the expression of bcl-2 mRNA. Conclusively, Araloside A has a remarkably antitumor effect on kidney tumor cells through regulating bax/bcl-2 ratio.”
“Using the full-potential, linearized,

GDC 0032 supplier augmented plane wave method, we have investigated the magnetic properties of body-centered-cubic Mn(2 monolayers [ML])/Fe(001), Mn(2 ML)/Ag(1 ML)/Fe(001), and Mn(2 ML)/Ag(2 ML)/Fe(001). We find that the Mn overlayers have a layered antiferromagnetic ground state. However, the Ag spacer layer induces an oscillatory magnetic behavior in Mn film, because the relative direction of magnetization in Mn film is changed with increasing Ag layer thickness. In addition, we have realized that the optimized structure is a crucial factor to determine magnetic ground state of an ultrathin Mn/Fe(001) system. It is achieved that both Mn/Fe and Mn/Ag/Fe(001) systems manifest perpendicular magnetocrystalline anisotropy (MCA). Interestingly, the Ag spacer layer greatly enhances perpendicular magnetic anisotropy energy. The MCA energy in Mn(2 ML)/Fe(001) is about 137 mu eV/cell, and it becomes 920 mu eV in Mn(2 ML)/Ag(2 ML)/Fe(001). Therefore, we report that the large perpendicular magnetic anisotropy system can be materialized in the Mn/Ag/Fe(001) structure. In addition, we also present the calculated x ray absorption spectroscopy and x ray magnetic circular dichroism of Fe and Mn layers. (C) 2011 American Institute of Physics. [doi:10.1063/1.

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